Sweet Potato Fishcakes

Fishcakes are so much cheaper to make your own instead of purchasing. Few months ago I decided to make fishcakes with sweet potato for the first time and I won't be going back to normal. Check out the simple recipe below. Makes: 6 cakes/ 3 servings  Time: 25 mins Ingredients: 2 sweet potatoes 1 tin … Continue reading Sweet Potato Fishcakes


Top 3 ways to eat tuna

Here are my 3 favourite ways of enjoying tuna and they are simple and quick recipes ideal for lunch or dinner. Can be served with optional sides e.g. salad, garlic bread. Serves: 2  Time: 10 mins Main Ingredients: Tin of tuna (drained) Mayonnaise Tinned sweetcorn Salt & pepper Extras: Bread 200g Pasta 2 Jacket potatoes … Continue reading Top 3 ways to eat tuna