Shephards/ Cottage Pie Recipe

Here is a simple and quickest recipe for shepherds/cottage pie. Best served with a salad or vegetables. Serves: 4  Time: 25 mins Ingredients: 500g Minced meat ( beef, lamb or quorn) Potatoes Tinned tomatoes Baked beans Onion Stock cube Black pepper Spices (optional) Equipment: 2 Saucepans Large spoon Chopping board Knife Masher Method 1. Add … Continue reading Shephards/ Cottage Pie Recipe

Bedroom Essentials/ Packing guide

Whether you're moving into halls of residence or a student house, you're going to be moving into an empty room with basic furniture so bring most stuff from home to make you feel cosy and it may help overcome home-sickness. If you haven't seen what your accommodation provides, then do some research to see what … Continue reading Bedroom Essentials/ Packing guide