Top 3 ways to eat tuna

Here are my 3 favourite ways of enjoying tuna and they are simple and quick recipes ideal for lunch or dinner. Can be served with optional sides e.g. salad, garlic bread. Serves: 2  Time: 10 mins Main Ingredients: Tin of tuna (drained) Mayonnaise Tinned sweetcorn Salt & pepper Extras: Bread 200g Pasta 2 Jacket potatoes … Continue reading Top 3 ways to eat tuna


Bedroom Essentials/ Packing guide

Whether you're moving into halls of residence or a student house, you're going to be moving into an empty room with basic furniture so bring most stuff from home to make you feel cosy and it may help overcome home-sickness. If you haven't seen what your accommodation provides, then do some research to see what … Continue reading Bedroom Essentials/ Packing guide