Bedroom/ Dorm Essentials

Whether you’re moving into halls of residence or a student house, you’re going to be moving into an empty room with basic furniture so bring most stuff from home to make you feel cosy and it may help overcome home-sickness. If you haven’t seen what your accommodation provides, then do some research to see what essentials are provided so you don’t end up buying stuff that will already be provided. As well as the obvious, most halls and students houses have a decent wardrobe, desk, chair and some even have pin boards and long length mirrors. Also, some halls of residences actually offer bedding packages but these have to be arranged prior to arrival. This is especially great for those students who live far away and are travelling by plane or train who can’t pack lots.

Basic Essentials

  • Mattress protector – This is a must because the mattress might not be new and you won’t know who been lying on it so it will protect your bedding and yourself from allergens and irritants.
  • Duvet, bed linen & pillows – Best to have two sets of bedding so that you have a spare when you’re washing the other set. Even if your bed in halls is a single, its worth getting a double to make the bed even cosier and most houses for the other uni years have double beds so you won’t have to buy again.
  • Coat hangers and a clothes horse as tumble drying clothes can be expensive. 
  • Laundry bag – carry your items to and from the laundry room.
  • Blanket/throw – it will definitely get cold in university halls 
  • Cushions – provide homely feel and a cosy place to relax.



  • Phone/ laptop/ tablet and chargers – ideally get a laptop that is light enough to carry around campus for when the compter rooms are busy.
  • extension lead – this will be a god sent as sockets are usually placed in awkward places.
  • Socket converter – if you’re an international student. 
  • Printer & ink – this is not an essential as there will be access to printers at uni but its useful to have one in your room.  
  • Docking station/ speakers – ideal for parties, just make sure it can be connected by bluetooth or purchase an aux cable. 
  • Headphones – perfect for chilling or when studying in the library. 
  • USB stick – this is highly recommended, do not rely on saving work in one place as it may get lost or corrupted. 
  • Other considerations – game console, camera, alarm clock, iPod.


  • Passport & driving license for ID – these will also be required for job interviews as well as your National Insurance Number.
  • Copies or your CV
  • University letters & accommodation information
  • Student loan and bank details
  • Insurance documents



These will make your uni room look friendly and homely which will help reduce homesickness. My suggestions will probably appeal more to girls (sorry guys). 

  • Photos & Posters – great way to cover plain walls. i advise to you use white tac instead of blue to avoid marks being left on wall. 
  • Fairy lights – these are a cute way to light up your bedroom but
  • Candles –  leave your room smelling nice but be careful as many halls don’t allow them. 
  • Bunting is another cute way to decorate your room
  • Folders – buy patterned/printed folders to add colour to your bookshelf
  • Quotes – after first year it will get tough so stick some inspirational quotes to the wall by your desk or hang up a plaque. 
  • Post it notes – great for revison and add more colour to your room. ( first year my housmates decorated one of the boys door when he went away for a bit).


  • Torch
  • Bike – if there is storage spaces for bikes, they’re ideal for getting to places and keeps you fit.
  • Pack of cards & ping-pong ball – these are great for drinking games.
  • Hot water bottle
  • Desk lamp & a small rubbish bin – if not provided by halls
  • Rug – perfect for floors without carpet, stops feet getting cold when getting out of bed.